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The Secret Editing Trick I Use to Enhance a Video's Emotional Impact

As we roll onward through our list of "Pro Secrets for Making Powerful Videos," I'm about to share the most important editing technique that I use to heighten the emotional impact of nearly every single video project I work on.

We already covered the first secret, which is to center your video project around a great story rather than a rote list of features or selling points.

Now we move on to perhaps the juiciest secret on my list, at least it's my favorite.

Secret #3: Audio Decompression

Huh? Audio decom-what?

Check the dictionary, and you'll see that to decompress something means the act or process of releasing from pressure.

In the world of video editing, what decompression means to me is to take a sound bite that got all crammed up into a small space, and to S - P - R - E - A - D it out.

The idea here is to allow a viewer's brain to digest what the person on screen is saying, and to give that viewer a moment to reflect on and react to it.

I believe this is an extremely powerful technique to heighten the emotional impact of a video, but the technique must be used very carefully.

Here's a case study of how audio decompression works:

Keep in mind, a little of this goes a long way.

If overused, this technique can result in a video that only annoys the viewer. We try to use it wisely.

Now, if this secret to making powerful videos seems a little advanced, don't worry.

Our next "Pro Secret to Making Powerful Videos" will be a secret you're probably able to take advantage of without breaking a sweat. See you next time.

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