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MICHELE KIM CARTER is the founder of Beyond Measure Media. She is a both a compassionate listener and an intuitive advisor.

Michele is the primary producer who handles scheduling and logistics of all of our projects, and she conducts just about all of the interviews that appear in our videos.  She brings out the best in her interview subjects, who become comfortable and vulnerable enough to share their authentic selves on camera.

Michele's documentary film credits include co-director of Southern Fried Fencing, and local producer on Beer Is Cheaper Than Therapy, a feature-length documentary film which aired on national TV networks around the world.  She previously produced TV newscasts in Texas, and has won numerous awards from the Associated Press.  Michele has earned the Edward R. Murow Award for excellence in broadcast storytelling.

Michele's best day at work is when she has captured a moment on film of an ordinary person doing the extraordinary. 

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As co-founder of Beyond Measure Media, JAY CARTER's primary job description is storyteller.  


He is a firm believer in the power of great video storytelling, and its ability to connect and inspire people.

Jay crafts the overall tone and narrative flow of all our video productions. 


He's a jack-of-all-trades with equal experience both in front of and behind the camera.  Jay shoots video, edits footage, builds visual on-screen graphics, chooses just the right cut of background music, and has even stepped in as voiceover talent for our projects, when the need arises.

He is a former radio and TV news anchor and reporter who met his future wife, best friend and business partner while both were working at the CBS affiliate in Austin, Texas in 1998.

Jay co-directed the documentary feature film, Southern Fried Fencing and has has created numerous video marketing campaigns for organizations around the world.

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