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The Amazing Video Camera You Already Have in Your Pocket

This is the dirty little secret of the video production industry these days: The smart phone. Turns out, it is one very powerful video camera.

It's number 4 on our list of "Pro Secrets for Making Powerful Videos."

(Be sure to review the first few secrets we previously revealed about the power of story, the importance of sound quality over video quality and the emotion-boosting video editing technique of audio decompression.)

Now we're moving on to secret number 4.

Secret #4: Smart Phone Cameras Are Amazing

There are two interesting facts to explore about this:

First, the video quality of smart phones are meeting or surpassing the ability of many professional-grade video cameras. The technology is now truly amazing.

And second, even if you decide to hire video pros like us to tell your organization's story, sadly, the video crew can't be everywhere to capture every magic moment.

That's why I believe every single person in your organization should be capturing video. You never know how that video could be used in social media, promotional videos and other potentially powerful video marketing efforts.

If there are raving fans or supporters of your organization, I think they should be capturing video, too: Moments of inspiration, funny moments, interesting visuals, heartfelt testimonials, you name it.

Here's an example of how one of our nonprofit clients used smart phone video to tell their story:

How could your organization use smart phone video to tell an impactful story?

All this leads to our next "Pro Secret for Making Powerful Videos," which, to be honest, we kind of figured out by accident. I'll tell you all about it in our next post.

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