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Want to Make Sure No One Sees Your Video? Post it on YouTube

Do you have a great video about your organization, and want to make sure no one ever sees it?

Perhaps you feel you simply have all the customers and supporters you need.

Maybe you feel your video is embarrassingly effective at clarifying what your organization is all about, and you'd rather your potential supporters stay confused.

So now you're looking for a hidey hole. A virtual Bermuda Triangle in which to drop your video, so that no one ever sees or hears of it again.

Well, we can take care of this right now. Write this down and remember it: To hide your video from the world, all you have to do is post it on YouTube.

All Those Eyeballs

Sounds crazy, right? After all, haven't you heard somewhere that YouTube is the second most popular website in the world (just after Google) with 790 million unique monthly visitors?

What about all those viral videos? All those hits? All those YouTube stars that are internet famous? All those ads, that are making someone, somewhere, tons of money?

It's true, there are a lot of eyeballs on YouTube. The problem is, those millions of eyeballs are highly unlikely to find and see YOUR YouTube video unless some other things happen...lots of other things.

These words of wisdom I'm sharing with you come from experience.

Over the years, we have had a very small minority of clients who did exactly what I'm talking about: We made a great video from them, the client was over-the-moon happy with it, and then they posted their new video on YouTube, and that was it.

That poor lonely video will be lucky to get a few dozen YouTube views a year. Ugh.

Should you still post all your videos on YouTube? Absolutely.

YouTube does an awesome job as a free host to all your video content, and it really does wonders to boost your organization's SEO. You MUST post lots of video content on YouTube.

But if you want lots of views, posting a video on YouTube is only step one. You must take further action to actually get significant views of your video.

Next Steps to Boost Your Video Views

Here are some important next steps to take once your video is ready for the world:

  • Embed the video someplace prominently on your organization's website. If your website has one of those nice little YouTube icons that link to your YouTube channel, that's great, but actually embedding the video so that it can be played and viewed directly on your own web platform is important.

  • Upload your video to Facebook. After uploading your video to YouTube, upload it to Facebook, as well. This is important. Your video is significantly more likely to be seen, liked, shared and commented on if it is an actual Facebook-hosted video (NOT a YouTube link posted to Facebook). Uploading a video to Facebook is easy; it's the exact same process you use when uploading a still photo.

  • Ask your co-workers to help spread the video. Your employees can help in two ways: Ask them to post your organization's new Facebook video to their own personal Facebook accounts with a personal message such as, "This is why I love my job!" or "Watch our new amazing video!"

  • Are your supporters or customers willing to help? Ask your raving fans and true believers to share the video onto their own social platforms.

  • Link to the video in your automatic email signature. Make sure everyone you communicate with has an opportunity to see your video with a quick line below your automatically-generated email signature. You could write something like, "Watch our video to see how we're saving lives: (copy-and-paste the youtube link here)"

  • Post your video to social media more than once. Why post your video only once? Do it at different times of the day for several days for greater impact. Never assume everyone has seen your video, even after you've posted it a few times. Frequency is key. People look at social media when it's convenient to them.

  • Play your video content in your office lobby. Assuming you have a lobby or public where there are enough new people cycling though to be worth the effort, and also assuming you have enough video content built up where it won't be too annoyingly repetitive for a captive audience.

  • Play your video at public events. Speaking to the rotary club? Play the video first. Holding a fundraiser event? Play the video. An awards luncheon? A potluck dinner? An open house? A Christmas party? Play. The. Video.

  • Send out a press release. A press release for a new video? Hey, why not? We've seen more than a few of our clients get some surprising free media "hits" just by alerting various TV, radio, print, podcasters and bloggers about their new video content.

Some of these tips will work better for you than others, depending on the size and type of your shop. These are just a few we could think of right off the bat. You're likely thinking of other good ideas specific to your industry or organization right now.

I love YouTube. It's great. But there's a glut of video content sloshing around on YouTube. Some of that content is intended to be entertaining and interesting to a wide general audience. But chances are, your organization's video is not.

That's why posting your video once to YouTube won't cut it. It's what you do afterward that really counts.

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